There were squeals of excitement this morning as we unpacked the first of spring seasons viburnum snowball. 

spring flower, lime green viburnum snowball with Darwin florist Beija Flor gift card.

Viburnum snowball also known as Guelder Rose, are a woody stemmed shrub variety, weighed down with fluffy pom poms of palest lime, which just ooze spring freshness. 

fresh spring guelder rose en masse in large glass vase, stunning for dressing a living room

As with many of springs first varieties Guelder Rose can be fleeting, if you notice the heads beginning to droop, you can re-cut the woody stems to encourage them to have a fresh drink of water. 

Viburnum snowballs light green hue makes it an easy flower to pair, Maria recommends matching with lilacs, garden roses, sea holly and ranunculus giving an old English country garden feel. 

huge spring bouquet designed by Darwin florist Beija Flor including guelder rose, lilac, ranunculi, sea holly and garden rose

Enjoy spring!