Paspaley Monsoon Collection Launch

The monsoon season breathes new life and beauty into the wild Kimberley coast - home to Paspaley Pearls. This high jewellery collection combines luminous pearls with rich coloured gemstones evoking the changes in flora as the wet season sets in.
— from Paspaley monsoon collection
Beija Flor florists created floral arrangements of banksia and phalenopsis orchids to frame the entrance to Pee Wees

Yellow banksia matches Paspaley signature yellow, with phalenopsis orchids and luscious green monstera deliciosa leaves. Beija Flor and Paspaley, both inspired by natural beauty, a spirit of adventure and a love of the finer things in life. 

lush green foliage at Pee Wees at the Point, Darwin, NT

The brief for this project, the launch of the newest jewellery collection from Paspaley was luscious foliage and masses of verdant greens, creating a perfect backdrop to their stunning pearls and gems. Unfortunately we had to leave to set up another event before the pearls arrived! See them for yourself at Paspaley Darwin showroom in Smith Street.

floral installation created in Darwin without the use of floral foam

At Beija Flor we are committed to minimising our use of floral foam and all of the installations for this event were created without the use of plastic floral foam. See more images from this event in our portfolio.

Photographer: Olga Biriukova