Meet The Team | Bonnie

Bonnie is head florist at Beija Flor. You'll find her at the studio creating gorgeous bridal flowers or out and about setting up beautiful weddings. Bonnie is also our flower buyer, she puts together the colour palettes for our weekly flower selection and sources our seasonal flowers.

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Bonnie is mumma to fluff ball Bailey and kick ass at roller derby. We asked Bonnie a few questions to get to know her better.

Q1. Favourite flower for our tropical climate?
I always have a vase of monstera leaves in my house. Not technically a flower, but they bring a fresh pop of green to any room and can last for months!

Q2. Favourite task at Beija Flor?
I'm in the flow when creating detailed gents boutonnieres for the Groom and his groomsmen, I love designing intricate little floral pieces.

Q3. Customers always ask me 'What's your favourite flower?'
It's nearly impossible to pick just one! We get to play with so many stunning varieties, but a top contender has to be the delicate sweet pea. Although fleeting they have the most beautiful fragrance, I wish I could smell them all day!

Q4. Favourite Darwin cafe / restaurant / retailer ?
It has to be Trampoline Gelato on the waterfront, it’s the absolute best place in Darwin to get ice-cream. They introduced me to my new all time favourite flavour, caramel pear sorbet (you MUST try it!)

Q5. Beija Flor is inspired by travel, where is your favourite travel location or where would you like to go next?How can I pick only one location to travel to next? The cherry blossoms in Japan, the lakes of Canada or patisseries in Paris to name a few!

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