MOTHERS DAY - our journey so far

This is the first Mother's Day for Beija Flor and we are looking forward to being surrounded by fragrant floral prettiness over the next couple of days. 

Looking back to Mothers Day last year, Beija Flor was just a distant dream, a work in progress. I had a home business, Maria Okwa Florals, which was basically just me a handful of loyal business customers and some beautiful brides who loved what we were creating. It built up organically, based on recommendations from our brides and other wonderful Darwin wedding industry people.

So this time last year, I ordered no flowers for Mother's Day and booked a girls trip interstate with my good friends Tina, from Two Seasons Co. and Tenny from The Chantilly Kitchen. Whenever I travel I always check out the local florist shops and flower markets and I arranged to visit a couple of wholesalers. Being Mother's Day week they were pretty busy but took the time to show us around and I decided to test out their service. 

Sourcing fresh flowers for our new Darwin flower shop, flowers from interstate and overseas. 

I made a selection from their cool room, roses, lotus pods, interesting tulip varieties, berries and seed pods. I generally only buy varieties that I like, any left over flowers might end up in a vase on my coffee table! And as I didn't have any job in mind for these flowers that could have been potentially the entire shipment!

The flowers arrived back to Darwin, just after we did and I did a quick post on our facebook page, the orders came in faster than we could make them and a few people were even disappointed that we sold out so quickly. We started working on ideas for the (as yet unnamed) retail brand, here is some of my inspiration from that same trip last year...

Inspiration for the Beija Flor retail florist branding is all around us. 


Two weeks in we completed our first wedding set up at the Trailer Boat Club, prepping our table centrepieces in our new space was a dream, this is when I realised what a great space we now have to work from, spacious, air conditioned and filled with natural light, and just minutes from many of the venues we service, places like Pee Wees, the Botanic Gardens and the MAGNT. 

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